Hi Everyone,

Blogging is a new adventure for me so thank you for reading my first blog and for following through as I dive into the blogging world. So here we go!

My name is Bukky Garcia, the creative mind behind Exquisite Events and Floral Design. I started my business about 4 years ago and boy did I realize what hard work and dedication really means. Since 2016, I have had the pleasure to decorate/plan over 50 weddings, got featured on several magazines/blogs and won many awards. Through dedication, hard work, and PASSION, I was able to persevere during difficulties and challenges.

Many years back, I graduated with a master’s degree in gerontology and hospice care, a health-based career with the hope I will work in a hospital alongside doctors while helping my patients transition gracefully through the final days of their lives. I quickly realized after planning my own wedding that my calling was different. I saw the need to help brides transition through the planning process and making their wedding day an enjoyable experience. I realized that from helping hospice patients during their saddest days, to helping couples through their happiest days, in both phases of life I am helping my clients’ transition into a new stage of their lives. Every day, I am motivated by my husband and daughter who continuously help and see me through life's ups and downs.

I love to travel; I love shopping- I am a sucker for shoes (There are other things I could be addicted to). I love life and I am thankful to God.

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